Could Your Beauty Products Be Detrimental Your Eye Health?


For some people, the concept of eye care means getting corrective spectacles when they develop sight impairments. Nevertheless, this is not the only way that your eyes can acquire damage. The makeup products and accessories that you use on a daily basis could also be causing detrimental leading to puffy eyes, bloodshot eyes and a host of other irritations. Whether you use run-of-the-mill novelty products or expensive cosmetics, here are some of the products that could be damaging to the overall wellbeing of your eyes.

28 November 2017

How to Choose Glasses for Night Driving


Whether you drive at night for work or leisure, you need to make sure your prescription eyewear keeps you safe on the road when it's dark. Driving at night presents glasses wearers with many unique challenges, from street lamp glare to peripheral vision blockages. This means the glasses you wear during the day when you're not driving may not be suitable for your nighttime travels. If you need a new pair of glasses for night driving, check out these 3 tips to help you pick the right spectacles for the job.

20 June 2017

Why Your Child May Be More Susceptible to Computer Vision Problems


Children are being introduced to computers at an earlier age due to the increasing level at which everything has become digital. This early exposure to computers puts your child at a higher risk of developing vision problems. This article discusses some of the factors that make children prone to computer-related vision challenges. Kids are Physically Smaller Most computer workstations are designed to be used by adults. However, it is common to find kids using those workstations to play video games or watch movies online.

23 January 2017