How to Choose Glasses for Night Driving


Whether you drive at night for work or leisure, you need to make sure your prescription eyewear keeps you safe on the road when it's dark. Driving at night presents glasses wearers with many unique challenges, from street lamp glare to peripheral vision blockages. This means the glasses you wear during the day when you're not driving may not be suitable for your nighttime travels. If you need a new pair of glasses for night driving, check out these 3 tips to help you pick the right spectacles for the job.

Beware of Tinted Lenses

For several years, sunglasses makers have been touting yellow and amber-tinted glasses as the ideal for driving at night. The thinking behind this is that these lenses filter the light your eyes receive, improving contrast and depth awareness in dark lighting conditions. While there is some truth to this, it's also important to remember that any tint will reduce the overall amount of light you see, which can be very dangerous when driving at night. As a result, it's generally best to buy glasses with clear lenses for night driving. If you feel tinted lenses do improve your ability to see your surroundings, try to opt for the lightest tint colour possible to allow maximum light to reach your eyes.

Pick the Right Coating

One of the biggest hazards bespectacled drivers face at night is lighting. While street lights are essential to help you see the road, they can cause reflections on your glasses that make it difficult -- if not impossible -- to see while you drive. The same goes for headlights on other passing cars. Thankfully, it's easy to avoid this. When you visit your optometrist, ask them for the best anti-glare coating available. This coating covers your lenses and stops bright lights from interfering with your vision.

Keep Your Field of Vision Wide

As all drivers know, staying safe on the road means being aware of what's happening all around you, including to your sides and behind you. That's why it's important to buy glasses with slim frames that don't block your field of vision. Frames with wide or curved lenses can also be useful as they prevent glare from any bright lights beside you. Make sure you get frames that fit your face well without slipping down, as driving can involve a lot of jerky head movements that could dislodge loose glasses.


20 June 2017

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