Why Your Child May Be More Susceptible to Computer Vision Problems


Children are being introduced to computers at an earlier age due to the increasing level at which everything has become digital. This early exposure to computers puts your child at a higher risk of developing vision problems. This article discusses some of the factors that make children prone to computer-related vision challenges.

Kids are Physically Smaller

Most computer workstations are designed to be used by adults. However, it is common to find kids using those workstations to play video games or watch movies online. Such workstations put a strain on the bodies of the children because the child will be compelled to have a wrong body posture, such as leaning too close to the screen, in order to be able to see clearly. You can avert this problem by getting a workstation that is designed for kids. This will ensure that the computer screen is at the correct level relative to the eyes of the child. You should also keep reminding the kids to maintain a good posture, such as avoiding slouching, as they use the computer.

Kids Can't Notice Vision Problems

Kids are at a greater risk of developing computer-related eye problems because they may be unable to know when something is wrong with their vision as they use a computer. For instance, a child may think that it is normal to squint when looking at a computer screen. However, squinting may be an early warning of a vision problem that needs to be resolved before it worsens. You need to keep observing your child as he or she uses a computer. Take note of any unusual vision habits that could indicate that your child has a vision problem. Have that problem sorted before it gets worse.

Endless Interest

Kids can become so engrossed in a task that they are doing on the computer, such as playing a game, that they may find it hard to take a break. Such prolonged activity can increase the likelihood that they will develop vision problems. For instance, your child may develop short-sightedness due to staring at a computer screen for long without taking a break. Save your child from such problems by making sure that he or she takes a break often in order to give the eyes some rest.

It is advisable to take your child to an eye expert, such as an optometrist, for a checkup before he or she starts using a computer regularly. That expert will then recommend the measures that you should take to prevent or deal with any eye problems that can develop as your child uses a computer on a regular basis.


23 January 2017

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