Could Your Beauty Products Be Detrimental Your Eye Health?


For some people, the concept of eye care means getting corrective spectacles when they develop sight impairments. Nevertheless, this is not the only way that your eyes can acquire damage. The makeup products and accessories that you use on a daily basis could also be causing detrimental leading to puffy eyes, bloodshot eyes and a host of other irritations. Whether you use run-of-the-mill novelty products or expensive cosmetics, here are some of the products that could be damaging to the overall wellbeing of your eyes.

False eyelashes

Eyelash extensions have become an increasingly growing fad as people look to make their eyes appear exotic. However, some of these extensions can cause considerable irritation. To begin with, the glue that is used to secure the lashes in place can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals, especially if you do not take notice of the ingredients that it constitutes. As a result, your eyelid becomes inflamed, which subsequently causing itching and puffiness. On the other hand, poorly constructed lash extensions can easily disintegrate and make their way into your eye. If you start to experience blurred vision or excessive grittiness around your eye, it is vital to see your optometrist as soon as possible.


This beauty product may seem safe to use on your eyes, as it does not come in direct contact with the eye itself. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to in people splurging on expensive mascara under the guise that they can use it for years to come. What you may not realise is that the mascara bottle can quickly become a haven for fungi and bacteria the older that it gets. Each time you apply it on your eyelashes, contaminants stick to the wand and are transferred back into the bottle. If you do not replace your mascara every few months, you become susceptible to eye infections that would require medical attention. 


Another conventional makeup product that could be of potential harm to your eyes is your seemingly innocuous eyeliner. It should be noted that the skin on your inner eyelid is particularly fragile. Thus, it can be sensitive when exposed to some ingredients. In addition to this, if you apply the eyeliner forcefully, you could inadvertently break the skin, and this leaves your eye vulnerable to infections if bacteria and other contaminants make their way into the wound. Inexplicable watering of your eyes and other symptoms such as pain should have you visit your optometrist before bacteria gets a chance to breed inside your eye.

To learn more about which beauty products and practices are better for your eyes, contact an eye doctor. 


28 November 2017

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