Three Signs You Need an Eye Exam


Getting regular eye exams is important to protect your eye health, but it's easy to forget about them or not know whether you need one. This guide explains three key signs that you should schedule an eye exam as soon as possible.

You've Noticed a Change in Your Vision

It's normal for your vision to change over time, but if you feel like your vision has noticeably changed since your last test, it's important to get an eye exam. The first reason for this is that there could be some reason that your eyes have changed, such as cataracts. Getting diagnosed early will allow you to be treated quickly and not suffer any further deterioration in your vision. The other reason you should get an eye exam after a vision change is to get a pair of glasses that suit your current prescription, as wearing the wrong prescription can cause headaches and eye strain.

You Keep Getting Headaches or Migraines

If you're getting regular headaches or migraines, especially if you never used to get them, is a good reason to get an eye test. Wearing the wrong prescription can cause tension headaches and eye strain, while eye exams can pick up on early signs of conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes that affect the eyes. Your optometrist can let you know any warning signs they see, as well as adjust your prescription to prevent strain. If they don't find anything, you should see your GP about your headaches or migraines.

You Haven't Had a Test for a Few Years

Every adult should get regular eye tests, even if they don't wear glasses or feel they have a problem with their eyes. The Guardian explains that most adults should have an eye exam every two years, while adults over 65 should get yearly tests. They explain that this is very important between the aged of 40 and 60, as this is when our eyes really begin to change. Not only can tests detect issues like high blood pressure or brain tumours before they become symptomatic, but they also ensure that you always have prescription eyewear that suits your needs and helps keep your eyes healthy.

Whether you feel your vision has changed, you keep getting headaches, or you simply haven't had a test for a few years, you should schedule an eye exam today to keep track of your prescription and eye health.

For more info about eye exams, contact a local doctor.  


26 January 2023

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