Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Prescription Glasses


When did you last go for an eye checkup? Do you experience vision difficulties during sunny days or when reading? According to optometrists, it is vital to have regular eye examinations twice per year. And if you experience any eye problems, your routine checkups should be more often.

Many people fear to visit optometrists because they don't want to get prescription glasses. Although it is entirely reasonable to be nervous for the first time, the main aim of prescription glasses is to correct blurred vision and related problems. Here are the main benefits of prescription glasses.

1. Ultraviolet protection

Protective glasses prevent direct UV rays from getting into your eyes or burning the skin near the eyes. Too much exposure to the sun's rays can cause damage to the eyes and the area near the eyes. Apart from the sun, the glasses protect your eyes from direct winds, dust and other solid particles blown by the wind.  

2. Vision Improvement

The primary role of prescription glasses is to enhance vision. Before the optometrist recommends glasses, they conduct a comprehensive eye examination to understand your problem and suggest the best lens for you. In addition to the improved eye vision, the prescription glasses do not come into contact with the eyes, and this protects you from getting eye infections. 

3. Different frame styles

Frames for prescription glasses come in different designs. The colours also vary, creating a large pool of choices for the user. Also, you do not have to worry about which frame will fit you. The frame dealers help you select the best glasses according to the shape of your face and sense of style. Some frames, too, are designed to match your interests and character.

4. Convenience

If you like nonprescription glasses, the prescription glasses will help you with this. When you have a single pair of prescription glasses, you will not need to switch to the other ones. Thus, chances of losing or misplacing any of them will be meagre.

5. Easy to maintain

If your optometrists advise you to change your lens, you can use the previous frames. Cleaning the glasses is also very easy as you only need a lukewarm warm and clean, soft cloth to wipe them. 

If you have some eye problems or you need reliable summer eye protection, protective glasses will be the best option. Visit optometrists first, and you will get the best way forward.


22 October 2019

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I'm a bit of a klutz, and I often break my glasses. I forget where I have put them, or I sit on them! It can be a bit of an issue if I'm not careful, as I can't see that well without them. I am always on the look for a more durable pair of glasses that can withstand my rough lifestyle. I have included some reviews of the glasses I have tried as well as some links to other styles of glasses I might like to try in the future. It should be useful for other glasses wearers.