Are Your New Glasses Making You Feel Dizzy?


If you've recently got a new pair of prescription glasses, you may expect to be able to wear them immediately with no problems. However, some people may experience side effects when they wear new glasses or when they take them off. For example, you may feel a little dizzy to start with. When might your new glasses make you feel dizzy?

A Change in Lens Strength

If your sight has gotten a little worse, or even a little better, since your last eye exam, you may have needed to change the prescription of the lenses in your glasses. This means that your eyes will have to get used to seeing through different lens strengths, and it can take some time for your eyes to adjust to their new focus. Sometimes, while you're waiting for your eyes to adjust, you may feel a little dizzy when you're wearing your new glasses or as soon as you take them off.

A Change in Lens Type

If you usually wear regular lenses in your glasses but have opted for a different type in your new glasses, your eyes may have a period of adjustment. This may be particularly noticeable if you switch to using multi-focal lenses. These lenses contain different areas of focus in each lens, allowing you to see correctly at various distances.

It can take a while to get used to wearing multi-focal lenses – your eyes need to learn which parts of the lens to use to see at various distances. You may find that you feel a little dizzy, especially as you move around, until you get used to looking through the right bit of the lens at the right time.

A Change in Frames

While you shouldn't expect to have any side effects if your lens prescription stays exactly the same, you may still feel a little dizzy if you choose a different kind of frame for your lenses. Your eyes are used to looking through lenses that are a particular size and shape. If you choose significantly bigger or smaller frames, your eyes need to adjust to the different lens sizes.

Typically, any feeling of dizziness from new prescription lenses should subside in a day or so once your eyes fine-tune themselves. If you continue to feel dizzy after a few days or if the dizziness gets worse instead of better, it's worth making an appointment to have your optometrist double-check your prescription.


14 June 2016

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